How to master your mind and manage your thoughts

The mind is one of the superpowers that we all have in common and that we can all equally use to create our own realities.

Everything that you have or not have in your world is a direct result of the quality and type of thoughts that you generate and let loose in your subconscious. Your most powerful thoughts are the ones that have monopole over your mind on a regular basis and they are also the ones responsible for the attitudes that you have towards life in general while controlling your actions and reactions to your environment as well.

The world around us is made up of different blends of vibrations that resonate on different frequencies and that essentially bring into creation the tangible objects in our environment. Thoughts are no different, they are beams of energy that work as building blocks to creating your reality. The quality and the outcome of your creations are influenced directly by the quality of your thoughts and the energy that they generate.

Photo by the talented  @aaronburden

Photo by the talented @aaronburden

Dr Emoto’s Water Experiment proved that “our thoughts, perceptions and judgements directly affect our biology”. In his experiment he proved his theory that “emotional energies and vibrations could change the physical structure of water”. In his experiment, Dr Emoto realised that directing positive thoughts and words towards the water led to it forming beautiful crystals when frozen as opposed to less visually pleasing formations when exposed to negative thoughts and speech.

So if words and thoughts can have such an amazing impact on water, imagine what they can do to us humans; after all we are made of 60% water.

This means that the more you engage in negative self talk and self deprecating thoughts the harder your subconscious will work to convince you of your uselessness. Now what if you turned it on its head and fed your mind with positivity and uplifting thoughts? That would create a solid  belief in your self, an optimistic outlook on life and much more constructive behaviours.

Everything is energetic vibration and our thoughts generate those vibrations that work in perfect harmony with the vibrations of the Universal energy. Generally speaking there are two major factors that can influence your patterns of thinking and your fate: AWARENESS and CHOICE.

Become aware of your thoughts

Our subconscious minds are very complex thought maps made up of intricate connections that were generated through past experiences, belief systems passed down to us and learned behaviours. It is the “software” that governs your perceptions, your reactions and your conduct in daily situations. Becoming aware of your thoughts whether positive or negative is crucial to mastering your mind. The human brain is capable of generating hundred of thousands of  thoughts on a daily basis so taking mental notes of them is virtually impossible. This is why a very good practice is to keep track of them through the use of a journal. You can do it for 21 days and make it a permanent habit or you can write as often as you feel you need to. There is no right or wrong way of doing this as long as it feels good to you. 

Keeping a record of how you feel and what you think in challenging or happy situations will help you recognise your patterns and your triggers and assess your thoughts with a clear mind afterwards. 

Make conscious choices

Becoming aware is half the journey. The other half is making a conscious decision to recognise what you have learned about your self when it comes up and change it’s course before it takes over and you put your subconscious in the driver’s seat. This will help you fine tune your thoughts into new patterns that are aligned with your truth and your purpose. 

Shift your thinking

You are probably thinking: ok so I know what my negative patterns are and I know I need to make a conscious decision to not fall prey to my subconscious but how do I actually change my thinking and create new patterns that serve me.

Well, in my experience, I found that being consistent and building a strategy on the below building blocks works great in making some serious shifts in the thinking process and making sure I make changes that last and grow with my mindset.

# 1 Identify your thoughts: keep a journal and figure out what the behaviours, patterns, perceptions and thoughts are that keep you stuck.

# 2 Identify your triggers: what are the situations, the people, the smells or the sounds that usually send your head spinning and bring your energy level way down?

# 3 Identify the root cause of the triggers and thoughts: focus your attention inwards and figure out when and why it was born. Try to figure out the WHY behind your subconscious creating it.

# 4 Address the problem: have an honest and kind conversation with your self. Address your feelings with love, compassion and forgiveness (imagining you are talking to someone you love, instead of your self helps keep you kind)

# 5 Choose one mind nurturing technique (and do it consistently): this can be mindfulness, 10 mins meditation, NLP, affirmations, whatever works for you - and if you don’t know what works just try them all and then decide.

# 6 Avoid negativity (like the plague): this is hands down the most crucial one of all! Some people will be very supportive of what you are trying to achieve and even curious and genuinely interested in what you are doing. Keep those people close! But be mindful that there will be some people that will be less supportive and at times discouraging. Do not let that get to you. Trust your self and be very clear about what you will and will not make room for in your life. 

When it comes to healing, nurturing and protecting your mind and your emotional wellbeing you have to be strict with what you allow to enter in you energy field and in your thoughts. 

What are you thoughts on this and do you have any self care nuggets of wisdom to share with the world? Leave them in the comments below.

O x