The power of setting intentions

What are intentions?

Hello and welcome to the Urban Self blog. I thought it would be a good idea to start with the foundation of everything that has ever come to fruition and that is setting intentions. 

Intentions are the spark that sets off the creative power of the Universe which helps you breathe life into your desires. They can be used in every area of our lives whether for love, relationships, professional success or spiritual awakening they are very powerful when they come from a place of truth and inner peace.

Once you release your carefully chosen intentions into the Universe, they can start growing and flourishing. 

How to set your intentions from a place of peace, love and truth?

It is very important to do an audit of your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being before you set your intentions as an un balance of any of those areas may cloud your ability to set them from a place of peace, love and truth.

Taking the time to notice if you have any aches, pains or discomforts in your body, any emotional heaviness that you may be carrying or simply a feeling of “something is not right” is very important for your overall well being and your ability to set your intentions right.

Photo by  @samuelzeller

Photo by @samuelzeller

Regardless of what you are dealing with in your life you have the power to find your inner “happy place” that is your purest state which is undeniable and true.

3 steps to setting intentions

#1 Disconnect the monkey brain

The monkey brain is that constant chatter that you have in your brain, the ferris wheel of thoughts that goes round and round and round and feels like a constant stream of “priorities” that come up and you have to deal with there and then which in time turns into overwhelming anxiety and depression.

However difficult to “conquer” it is not impossible. In my experience I found that the best option is not to silence it completely or pretend it is not there but rather the opposite; the secret is to acknowledge them for what they are but suppress the need to react to every thought. This is what I personally found worked best.

There is a lot of power in being able to be still and master the chaos and the noise in your head even if it is just for 10 mins. This will feel a bit daunting at first but you must stay consistent and keep going even when you feel that it is hopeless and you will never be able to silence your mind; this is only an illusion, you most definitely can do this!

#2 Set your intentions and engage your senses

A good technique to do this is to travel to a memory in your mind, a time in your life when you felt happy and at peace. This can be a holiday, a family gathering, absolutely anything that is dear to you. Mine is a hot summer day, sat on the hot sand on the beach, feeling the waves gently crashing into my legs and the hot hot sun warming the skin on my face. I immerse myself fully in that and try to experience it with all five senses. I still get all sort of thoughts pop up but I imagine them as clouds in my perfect summer sky, I acknowledge them and then wave them goodbye. You deserve to take time for your self and it’s ok for you to pause life for a little while to recharge and centre your self. 

Once you feel happy, light and centered it is time to set your intentions. Whatever that is try to engage all your senses once again and visualise your objectives as if they have already happened and what your life looks like now that you have already achieved everything you set out to achieve. 

Attaching strong emotions to your intentions helps you manifest your desires into reality much faster.

My happy place in Constanta, Romania

My happy place in Constanta, Romania

#3 Release and remain centered

Now that you managed to silence the monkey brain, travel to or create a quiet place in your mind and set your intentions from a centered place you have to let go of the need to control the process and trust that the Universe will  orchestrate everything in the perfect way to bring your intentions to life in the best way for your highest good.

This is where that monkey brain will try and take over again and tell you that you need to know every step of the “how” everything is going to happen and you need to control all the factors that contribute to the realisation of your objectives. You must remember that this too is an illusion; you do not need to know how, you just need to trust that it will happen in the best possible way for you.

When these thoughts come up, and they will, remember to stay centered and go back to your “happy place” even if for a moment. Doing this will help you stop the fear from taking over and will swiftly bring you back to a place of love and peace within yourself.

What do I get out of setting intentions this way?

Now that you know how to set intentions you are probably wondering why that is important, what benefits you get from setting intentions in this way and whether there is a different between doing this whoo whoo practice rather than writing to do lists. 

First of all when you write a to do list, you get all the thoughts out of your head and onto paper, which is great, but sometimes your brain can perceive that as done upon transferring the mental data onto paper which leave a lot of room for procrastination and at times overwhelm (I am sure we have all created to do lists so long and so complex that they actually make you freeze and you end up not doing anything in the end- because you feel like you have no idea where to start).

So having said that some of the benefits that you get from setting intentions in this way are the following: 

  • when you get rid of the pointless mind chatter you tend to zone in to what is really important and are better able to really focus on what is really crucial in your life rather than what you think you need - you are better able to set the intentions that serve your best self and your purpose at the same time

  • having clear intentions gives purpose and direction to your life which in turn fuels action in an effortless way.

  • adding emotions to your objectives provides you with strong motivation that will prevail even in challenging moments.

  • a by product of centerings your self is that you will have a much stronger mind and therefore will be better able to navigate life and all the stresses that come with that on a daily basis.

I feel it is important to highlight the fact that this will be hard at first but with perseverance, time and patience with your self you will become better and better at mastering it. There are a lot of different techniques out there, of course, but this is one that I found to work best for me. I would love to hear about your practice and about your intention setting techniques so leave a comment below. 


O x