“we focus on an integrated holistic and minimalist approach to self care”



Hello and welcome to Urban Self! My name is Oana and this is my soul child. I created this space with the intention to encourage you to nurture your mind, your body and your spirit.  I strive to inspire you to embrace your nature-given gifts, support you in becoming your best self (on your own terms), remove the stigma around mental health (by looking at it from a holistic perspective) and nurture your skin with the best of what Mother Earth has given us.  

Urban Self was born out of my own personal experience with mental health.  After trying several conventional healing practices with no real result, something kept telling me that I was looking for the answer in the wrong place. So this is when I decided to change my focus from a "recovery" perspective to a "self-discovery" perspective.

This opened the floodgates to an incredibly fast improvement in my mental health, awareness and emotional well being. I feel very fortunate to have gone down this path and I want to share what I have learned along the way with you, in the hope that it will help you and others through challenging times.


“we create simple and effective formulations with natural ingredients that nurture your mind, body and spirit”


Plant based

I believe in the power of kindness not just towards each other but towards other beings as well so therefore all the ingredients used are plant based. Furthermore none of the products contain Parabens or Palm oil.

Awareness and challenge your perception

We live on a gorgeous planet that gives us everything we need and more and that some of us take for granted. I feel very strongly about increasing awareness around what impact our personal and business choices have on the environment, the planet and the generations to come.

Therefore I only use recyclable and compostable packaging as well as encouraging you to repurpose, reuse and refill the pots that you buy from Urban Self.

Refills come in compostable corn starch bags (and a lower price tag) which disintegrate in your food bin in less than three months and therefore producing zero waste.


Urban Self encourages you to think outside your consumer conditioning and find multiple uses for our products; for example our essential oil blends can be used as perfume, in a diffuser or burner, your bath water and even in your moisturiser.

Kindness, support and giving back

I believe in supporting like minded people that do business in the same way you strive to which is why I source all of my ingredients and packaging from other small independent businesses around the UK. That way I am sure that we minimise the price someone normally pays somewhere down the supply chain line and we all get a fair bit of the pie.

In addition to that I believe in showing kindness to those around you that are struggling and in taking a bit of what you have and paying it forward for someone who needs it more than you. This is why 10% of all my profits are donated to Rethink Mental Health.

“Urban Self is all about opening the conversation around mental health and empowering you to develop a mind over matter mindset”

Thank you for taking the time to read through my story. If you have any questions or just want to say hi feel free to head over to my Instagram and Facebook pages or drop me an email at oana@urbanself.co.uk